Don't Let The Carpenter Bees In Corona Destroy Your Property

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Although they're less physically aggressive than other bee species, carpenter bees cause major home damage. They depend on trees and wood to nest and lay eggs and will make your wooden structures their home. 

 Finding carpenter bees on your property can be frustrating, as they're difficult to eradicate without the help of a professional exterminator. Keep reading to learn more about the carpenter bees in Corona and how you can prevent them from taking over your property. 

 How To Identify Carpenter Bees 

 Carpenter bees and bumble bees look almost identical. The main difference is their abdomens. Bumble bees have fuzzy, yellow torsos, while those of carpenter bees are smooth and shiny. They have two antennae and six legs and are between a quarter of an inch to one inch in length. There are seven types of carpenter bees in the United States, and hundreds more exist around the world. 

 Carpenter bees get their name from the way they create their habitats out of wooden structures. Most bee species are social and live in colonies, but carpenter bees are more solitary. They build their nests in trees or the wood framing of buildings. A telltale sign of a carpenter bee infestation is noticing round, smooth holes in the wood around your property. 

 Does Anything Instantly Kill Carpenter Bees?

 While there are many home remedies to keep carpenter bees away, boric acid is one of the most powerful natural insecticides and is extremely toxic to them. Grab an empty spray bottle and create a mixture of one part boric acid with three parts water. Spraying this mixture into any carpenter bee holes should kill them within an hour. 

 There are several other preventative measures you can take to control carpenter bees on your property. Try implementing some of these tips today:

  • Carpenter bees hate loud noises and vibrations, so consider playing music on your deck or patio. Too much noise is disorienting to the bees, and if it persists, they'll leave and build nests elsewhere.
  • Citrus is a natural deterrent for carpenter bees. Slice some citrus fruits and boil them in a pot of water for around 15 minutes. Once it's cooled, spray the mixture around your home and yard. 
  • Seal or paint any exposed wood on your property. Treated wood is harder for bees to drill into. 
  • Use essential oils, like peppermint and tea tree oil. Create an oil and water spray solution or use an oil diffuser in your home or outdoor spaces.

When home remedies fail, it might be time to contact a trusted exterminator like Allied Pest Control.

 What Damages Can Carpenter Bees Cause In Corona?

 Carpenter bees are fairly gentle creatures, but they can cause catastrophic home damage if you ignore an infestation. Once they bore holes into your wooden structures, they create a network of internal tunnels. They'll use these tunnels to seek shelter from inclement weather and also to lay their eggs. Over time, these tunnels weaken your wooden structures and may lead to collapse.

 These bees prefer damp, older wood that's untreated. They tend to nest inside wooden patio furniture, siding, and wooden beams. Carpenter bees are also commonly found in window and door frames. At the first signs of an infestation, schedule professional carpenter bee treatment services.  

 What Is The Best Treatment For Carpenter Bees?

 When it comes to high-quality pest control in Corona, Allied Pest Control is a top choice for homeowners. Our skilled exterminators will do a full inspection of your property and come up with a custom solution to solve your carpenter bee problem safely and effectively. Contact us today to learn more about how we can eliminate carpenter bees for good. 

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