Family Friendly and Pet friendly pest control services corona riverside

Let Allied keep your home free and out of bounds to those household pests.  Allied’s residential maintenance control is backed up by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  We believe in the quality and effectiveness of our pest control solutions. We understand that protecting your home from unwanted pests is not always just a one-time event, but in many cases an on-going battle. Allied’s initial residential pest clean-out treatment will control your current pest issues.  Our on-going maintenance programs will prevent future issues from happening and getting out of hand. 

            At Allied we pride ourselves in the ability to tailor our services to fit our customer’s needs. Allied has several programs that are set-up for your individual needs.  We offer several different maintenance services such as Monthly, Bi-Monthly (every-other-month), Quarterly and if needed just a One-Time Treatment.   We understand that every home is different and some homes require a little more attention than others.  Our service also focuses on areas many companies neglect which include sweeping the eaves and patio furniture for spider webs and wasp, and servicing the yard by focusing on the base of trees, edges of concrete, driveways, patios, fence lines, etc. 


We also treat for several agricultural pests that most companies can’t such as aphids, white flies, snails, squirrels and gophers.  Allied technicians are highly trained to deliver not only the best integrated pests management solutions, but also the quickest in results.  Protecting your home, family and pests is our number one priority.  We truly care about our customers and we deliver quality services at a fair and affordable price.

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