Ants and Spiders

Ants and spiders are major problems for people living and working in Southern California. The ants multiply and invade your home or business as fast as you can swat a fly. Many spiders, though not poisonous, can deliver painful bites which can become infected if left untreated. Some spiders, however, can inject painful and even fatal doses of venom.  These include, but are not limited to the Black Widow, Brown Widow, and on occasion the Brown Recluse.

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Bees & Wasps

Bees and wasps are beneficial insects, although they are generally considered pests and are a threat because of their ability to sting. Each year hundreds of people die from being attacked by bees and wasps in the United States alone.  Africanized bees acquired the name killer bees because they viciously attack people and animals in great numbers who unwittingly stray into their territory. Paper wasps are the most common wasp around structures.


They are also known as “umbrella wasps” because their nests look like umbrellas hanging upside-down from eaves and over hangs. Bees and wasps will easily invade your home and structures, so it’s important to periodically check and inspect these areas for these pests taking up residence

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Rats & Mice

Rats and mice can be one of the most pesky and troublesome when it comes to pest problems. They migrate into the structure during colder weather and once established, can live happily indoors for many years. Rats and mice carry diseases and can attack children and pets when cornered. Rats and mice chew and destroy wires, vents, piping, insulation, wood structures, and cause fires amounting to thousands of dollars in property damage.


Rats and mice carry lice, ticks, and fleas which can bite, sting, and pass infections such as Lyme disease, Hunter Virus, Murine Typhus, Leptospirosis, Eosinophilic Meningitis and Rat Bite Fever. Our rat and mice service will quickly identify and control these repulsive intruders and return your home or office back to you and your family

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​Cockroaches are probably the most reviled of all household pests, and you need to act quickly or else they will breed and multiply in huge swarms in just a matter of days.


Our pest control experts know just how to rid your home and office of the disease ridden insects quickly and efficiently. 


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Trapping and Wildlife Removal

​Our office receives many calls to remove dangerous opossums, skunks, raccoons and other wild animals that can sometimes make residence in your homes or businesses. This can be a truly terrifying experience.


Our pest control experts will bravely step in and take care of the problem quickly.

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Termite Control

Allied Pest Control, Inc. specializes in all forms of termite treatments. After a thorough termite inspection of your structure we will recommend the best treatment method to rid you property of termites. We recognize that all structures are unique so we will design a customized treatment plan after our inspection.


Regardless of which treatment is best for your property it all starts with our comprehensive termite inspection service. Only then can we design the treatment plan that is best suited for your property.  Don’t let the termites win the battle. Protect your biggest asset and call today to make and appointment for a termite inspection.

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Pigeons and Birds

Birds and pigeons can be annoying pests. They nest in your eaves, roofs and attics. And they will roost pretty much anywhere they can safely set foot on. The fact is they can bring with them dangerous pest ,like bird mites, fleas, ticks and other creepy hosts. Also diseases like hiptoplasmoses, gyptococcis, psittacosis, a fungus associated with pigeon droppings.


The longer they stay the more clean up and damage to your home or structure is eminent. We at Allied Pest control are trained not only to to seek out and evict pigeons and birds from your property, but to treat, sanitize and apply exclusion  prevention methods  that keep them out for good!

Gophers and Squirrels

Gophers and squirrels are abundant throughout Southern California and can cause major damage by destroying your lawns and gardens. Gophers and squirrels feed on roots of plants, vegetables, bushes and trees.


With over 25 years of experience we have perfected our Gopher and squirrel eradication methods and are guaranteed to win the fight!