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Termite Control In Corona, CA

Corona, CA Termite Control Services

The presence of termites is a real nightmare for home and business owners, as these wood-eating invaders pose a real threat to the structural integrity of your property in the Corona area. They may be small pests, but they can cause huge problems, and the best way to protect yourself from termite damage is to get ongoing help from pest professionals. Here at Allied Pest Control, our termite control solutions give you complete coverage from the detriments of an infestation.

Licensed Termite Inspections & Treatments

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Our termite control process begins with an in-depth review and inspection of your property to familiarize ourselves with the situation. During our thorough inspection, we do a full walk-through of the interior and exterior of your home. We take notes on a variety of findings to determine the appropriate termite treatment. Some of the major things we check for during our inspection include:

  • Visible signs of a termite infestation along foundation, baseboards, walls, and windows.
  • Indications of termite activity, including droppings, broken wings, and mud tubes.
  • Present damage to the wood of the structure, checking walls, eaves of the house, crawl spaces, door frames, cabinets, and closets.

After we finish inspecting the property, we develop a game plan and present our findings and proposed treatment strategy to the customer. There are a variety of termite treatments available, and we pick the most appropriate one for your property based upon the inspection and customer consult. Some of the termite treatments we offer include:

  • Local Treatment – This method involves applying termite control products to targeted local areas, such as drilling into accessible wood.
  • Trench Treatment – This treatment includes digging a trench along the foundation of the homes and filling it with termiticide solutions to infect active termites and their colonies.
  • Fumigation Treatment – This method is the most proven way to treat even undetected termite infestations. The process involves fully enclosing the property in a tent and filling it with gas to kill off all termite activity.

Not only do we thoroughly treat the property for termites, eliminating all active colonies and conducive conditions, but we also help inform you on ways to take precautions moving forwards. You can take all kinds of proactive measures around your home or business to minimize your exposure to termites, such as these listed below:

  • Eliminate excess moisture by repairing leaky faucets and pipes and not letting water accumulate near the foundation. Always keep gutters clean.
  • Keep your landscaping clean and avoid letting wood debris come into contact with exterior surfaces. Remove old trees stumps from your property.
  • Reduce termite food sources by getting rid of attractants like cardboard boxes in the attic, roof, and garage.

By addressing termite attractants and conducive conditions around your property, we can help you prevent any future termite issues from occurring.

The team at Allied Pest Control understands that dealing with termites in an ongoing effort and providing you with the protection you deserve is a year-round job. That's why our services go beyond treatments. We're here for the long haul, providing you with continual maintenance and yearly professional inspections to keep your property completely guarded.

Here are some reasons why Allied Pest Control is your best option for quality termite control solutions:

  • We are licensed termite inspectors and treatment applicators that customize solutions to meet customer needs.
  • Our team offers effective Termidor treatments for termites. 
  • We educate customers on what we see around their property and what they can do to prevent termites moving forward.
  • We're experienced in dealing with subterranean and drywood termites, and we have the expertise to treat your property effectively.
  • Our termite control services come with a one-year warranty, including repairs for termite damage.

Reach out to Allied Pest Control for dependable protection from termites. We're here to provide a termite treatment plan that meets your needs. Call today to schedule an inspection or to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control options.

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