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Corona, California, sits on the upper side of the Santa Ana River Canyon and is the only significant pass that cuts through the Santa Ana Mountains. Nestled within these beautiful surroundings is a thriving community that enjoys the beauty of nature, but sometimes nature brings some challenging pests. Pest control in Corona becomes very important when wildlife becomes too friendly and starts making a pest of themselves.

Common Types Of Wildlife That Invade Corona Properties

There’s nothing quite like enjoying the sights and sounds of wildlife all around your property, but when local critters start making trouble, they can quickly become a nuisance. Unfortunately, for Corona residents, multiple wildlife visitors can make a mess of their property.

Four types of wildlife invaders in Corona include:

  1. Raccoons

  2. Skunks

  3. Opossums

  4. Birds

With so many varieties of wildlife around Corona, it is essential to have a trusted wildlife expert on hand. Allied Pest Control technicians are knowledgeable and trained to identify and remove local wildlife pests.

The Problems Wildlife Can Create Around Your Property

Property management sometimes feels like a full-time job. When you add wildlife to the mix, it can compound your problems exponentially. Information is vital when dealing with local wildlife visits.

Problems to be aware of when engaging in wildlife management:

  • Raccoons are destructive. These critters carry parasites and rabies. If they get into a property, they make an almighty mess. Unsecured garbage cans and gardens give them easy access to food. They are especially detrimental to farms. Outbuildings, under porches, within sheds, and attics are some of their favorite hideouts.

  • Skunks may carry rabies and have a nasty odor that can affect people and pets. They dig conical holes in lawns and like to burrow under porches or buildings.

  • While not typically destructive to yards, opossums get into garbage and enjoy a romp in gardens and orchards to feed on strawberries, vegetables, or apples. They will often find shelter in garages, under porches, and within hollow trees or logs.

  • Birds often build nests in rafters, chimneys, ledges, under eaves, and sometimes electrical boxes. Their waste can be corrosive to buildings and costly to clean up. Nests can cause structural damage and accidental fires. Large groups can produce noises that become a nuisance.

Whether your problem is big or small, Allied Pest Control can provide wildlife control solutions for all types of pesky critters. Our technicians can help put the “beauty” of nature back in its place.

Factors That Attract Wildlife To Your Property

When wildlife comes knocking on your doorstep, they are typically looking for shelter, food, or moisture. If properties have the life-sustaining essentials needed for survival, wildlife may make your property their favorite hotel/restaurant.

Seven factors that may attract wildlife include:

  1. Pet food left outside

  2. Unfenced gardens

  3. Yard debris

  4. Unsecured garbage bins

  5. Openings under porches and buildings

  6. Lack of rodent control

  7. Open areas on structures that allow nesting

Some exclusion techniques require a simple clean-up around your property; however, some preventative measures can be tricky (especially when dealing with birds). The best way to set up effective prevention measures is by reaching out to the experts at Allied Pest Control.

A Practical Wildlife Control Solution For Your Property

Local wildlife pests can come at you from all directions, by ground or air. Identifying the offenders can be challenging. At Allied Pest Control, our highly trained technicians offer advanced wildlife solutions that work. After a thorough inspection, they will make recommendations that address your specific needs (whether it’s a one-time solution or something that needs reoccurring services). Call Allied Pest Control today for expert help with your wildlife challenges.