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Located in Riverside County, the city of Corona has all kinds of exciting places to see. One delightful place to visit is the Corona Heritage Park and Museum. While touring the facilities, visitors are encouraged to participate in ceramics, pottery, glassblowing, and woodworking. One pest that could give a class in woodworking are the local termites in Corona. Rather than making beautiful art, these master woodworkers tear it to pieces bit by bit.

The Life Cycle Of Common Termites

Termites are a smooth operating system when it comes to managing everyday life. Each member born into the termite caste system has a job to do, and they do it well.

Three levels of the termite caste system include the following:

  1. Reproductives

  2. Workers

  3. Soldiers

  • The reproductive group consists of a king, queen, and alates (winged termites), and they are responsible for the procreation of the colony. Out of all the reproductives, the queen is the most important. (She lays around 1,000 eggs per day.)

  • The largest group of termites in a colony is the workers. They have small jaws that methodically chew through wood and move materials. Their primary job is to find food and tend to the other termites, making them the nest's caretakers.

  • Every colony needs protection; therefore, the caste soldiers have this vital job. Soldiers have armored heads that are vast and oversized jaws that are sharp. Their job is to defend the colony from attack.

Initial signs of termites in your home often include discarded "wings" in areas of light (windows and windowsills) and mud tubes. When homeowners start seeing signs of termites, contacting a pest professional like Allied Pest Control is vital.

How Termites Can Silently Destroy Your House

When supplies of moisture-rich cellulose products start drying up, colonies will begin the search for a new home with fresh supplies. If they find a suitable source of moisture in your home, they can squeeze their bodies through cracks as small as 1/16 inch. Termites work on wood using their powerful jaws; they bite off bits of wood at a time. Small colonies consume about 1/5 ounce of timber daily (or a 2x4 of wood every year). If termite infestations continue unchecked, it can lead to an eventual collapse of a building.

Four Natural And Effective Termite Prevention Tips

Termite removal is essential when you know all the damages they can inflict on your property. Preventing termites comes down to removing the attractions around your property that draw them to your home.

Four natural and practical termite prevention tips include:

  1. Remove all moisture sources (leaky pipes, clogged gutters/downspouts, and standing water sources)

  2. Seal cracks and gaps with silicone-based caulking (especially in foundations)

  3. Keep wood away from your home and avoid leaving wood debris in the yard or buried in the yard

  4. Use dehumidifiers in high moisture areas (basements, crawl spaces)

Even the most proactive steps won't necessarily stop termites from finding their way into your home. The only way to be sure you have the necessary protection to prevent termites is by calling Allied Pest Control; we are the best termite control company in Corona.

The Best Way To Protect Your Home From Termites

Each year, termites cause around five billion dollars in damages across the United States. With destruction on this scale, termite treatments are vital. Established in 2001, Allied Pest Control has termite specialists with extensive knowledge and expertise handling these destructive wood excavators. After an initial inspection, our termite specialist will recommend termite treatments that remove and prevent future infestations. Reach out to Allied Pest Control for pest control in Corona, which is safe and effective.