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Are you looking for a city with the perfect climate? Look no further than Corona, California. The summers are hot, and the winters are warm. Corona's location is perfect; it is about 50 minutes away from Los Angeles and 30 minutes from Long Beach. When your city offers both an excellent climate and an ideal location, it is bound to attract lots of visitors. Without pest control in Corona, rats may be headed straight for your home, and their "visit" may result in long-term headaches.

How Big Do The Rats In Corona Get?

Rats are "the big guys" when compared to mice. Two different kinds of rats are common in the Corona area. The Norway rat and the roof rat have distinct differences in size and shape that can help homeowners tell them apart.

The differences between Norway rats and roof rats are as follows:

  • Norway rats are giant rats that grow between 13 to 18 inches (this includes a tail that's shorter than its body, measuring between 6 to 8½ inches long.) It has a husky body covered in coarse brown hairs with a bit of black intermingled. These big critters weigh about 11 ounces.

  • Roof rats' bodies can range from 6 to 8 inches long; their tails add 6 to 8 inches. Their brown (with black patches) body is thin and long. This slender and sleek rat usually weighs between 5 to 9 ounces.

When you know these large rodents are in the area, it is best to get professional help. Allied Pest Control technicians have a wealth of knowledge at their disposal that will help identify and remove these pesky critters from your home.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Rats In My House?

Whether you have roof rats or Norway rats within your home, they both bring numerous dangers that can affect you and your household. It is vital to learn how they can affect your health and safety when it comes to those you care about.

Five dangers rats bring to homes:

  1. Food poisoning

  2. Bites

  3. Transportation of other pests (like fleas)

  4. Triggering asthma/allergy problems

  5. Rats carry diseases that include salmonellosis, tularemia, rat-bite fever, leptospirosis.

Once homeowners become aware of all the dangers rats bring to their homes, it becomes essential to take quick action. Allied Pest Control is a company that can help homeowners accomplish their goal of a pest-free home.

How Do I Get Rid Of Rats In My Home Fast?

The best way to get rid of rats is with assistance from Allied Pest Control. Our company has been protecting the Corona area since 2001. We offer multiple service plans that address your individual needs and ongoing pest control solutions that prevent future problems. At Allied Pest Control, protecting your home, family, and pets is our number one priority.

How Do I Prevent Rats From Coming Back To My House?

Making sure rats stay out of your home is tricky. Even though they are more significant than mice, they don't need much room to get into your home. With vigilance and some simple steps, homeowners can help place natural barriers that can help deter rats from entering their homes.

Five steps that help prevent rats include:

  1. Sealing (with silicone caulk) all cracks/holes

  2. Keeping trash in bins with tight-fitting lids

  3. Eliminating standing water in yards

  4. Removing yard debris

  5. Using a dehumidifier in high moisture areas

Despite your best efforts, you still might not be able to keep rats away from your home. In the end, it is best to contact the pest professionals at Allied Pest Control for immediate removal. Your satisfaction comes with a 100% guarantee, so call Allied Pest Control today.